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A simple point and click game created in about 5 days (over the course of ten days with some very late nights).  Created as a school project to invoke an emotional response in the player. 

Full disclosure: uses a variety of sounds from FreeSound.org, a couple decals, and two free for personal use fonts. Otherwise:

  • Code - Daniel Praymayer (@devtimezombie)
  • Art - Daylan Rogan (@DaylanRogan)

There is only one ending, but as @CrypticHybrid found out, it's a tad spooky. 

Patch notes:

08/16/2017Original game uploaded
9/16/2017Improved game name
Added menu
Fixed bug where you could go to the door but not return
Fixed a bug where you could not return to the spot you just left
UX adjustments
Published Aug 16, 2017
TagsPoint & Click

Install instructions

Download, extract, run! I suggest "beautiful" graphics quality or better for the optimal playing experience.


SimpleEscapeRoomGame.zip 37 MB


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hi and big thx for your great game :) i love it. what a creepy and scary game. greetings from germany

After playing through a few times I still feel I'm missing something... Something that will result in freedom. :)

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amazing games.keep going with the great work. Have a nice day:)

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